A look at the technical solutions Greco offers

Companies turn to  Greco to solve a variety of complex business issues. The following is a brief  summary of solutions that we provide for our clients:


Cost Management

Through the use of Greco's proprietary cost analysis and cost recovery programs, we are able to understand and communicate to our customers where leakage of capital expenditure is hiding at our clients. We are experts in understanding complicated technology agreements which potentially have hidden cost, risk, or agenda's.


Technology Management

Through the clear understanding of the financial and operational impact of historical information and directions, we are able to better map future direction for the management of corporate technological assets. Utilizing a team of specialist who understand industry, technology, operations, legal and contractual opportunities, we are able to end to end manage to meet our customers goals and requirements.

Application Development

Companies  and commercial organizations realize a tremendous amount of financial resources  goes into the software used for everyday operations. Your organization can pull  together diverse offices and enhance communication across the enterprise by  harnessing the power and flexibility of Oracle and SQL Server web/client-server  applications. Greco's software development team can ensure this will happen for  you.

Typically,  off the shelf applications require customization to fit the needs of the  corporation. Organizations must decide which application will best suit their  needs to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage. Greco  professionals will assist you in defining package requirements, identify  alternatives, and select and modify means that best meet your requirements for  successful business. We will help implement and integrate this package into your  operation to maximize its effectiveness.

E-business Solutions

E-business  is the ability to empower a corporation through the effective use of technology.  In this age of information, change in your business is inevitable, and occurs  more frequently with each technological innovation. The ability to adapt to  changing environments, markets, customer needs, regulations, and competition  will separate your organization from the rest of the pack. Our business  professionals will help you evaluate your current business practices, providing  insight and practical business technological strategies that will guide your  organization into a successful future.

Risk  Management

What  defines risk in a corporate environment? Risk is the exposure of your business  to internal and external threats. Managing and mitigating risk is essential for  long term success. Greco Technologies provides corporations with an integrated  range of services for identifying and managing business risk as well as  delivering comprehensive solutions for enterprise-wide risk and control.

    Typical areas of concern in risk management are listed  below:

    • Will  a specific technology meet your business requirements and deliver planned  benefits?
    • Will  cyber criminals or internal sabotage threaten the new systems?
    • Is  the technology suitable, scalable, and secure for your company?

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