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Are you currently recording patient Identification Cards and Insurance Cards the old fashioned way?  Your front office personnel get up from their desk, walk to a copy machine, place the cards on the copier, photocopy them, then reverse and reload the paper into the copier and photocopy the reverse side of the cards onto the same piece of paper?  Then that paper document becomes the only record you have to back up billing?

Have you ever calculated the time it takes for you staff to engage in this activity repeatedly?  When the goal is to lower office costs and increase efficiency, the experts agree that the number one way is to reduce unnecessary and repetitive human procedures and increase efficiency

Just compare the workflow:

Once Medisys is installed, just open it, place an ID Card and an Insurance Card on the scanner, in the bottom left and bottom right corners respectively and click scan.  Then turn the cards over and click scan again.  That’s it.  Medisys stores both sides of both cards as one full color, graphical page in its database with the relevant patient information you enter.  It can then be printed, recalled or utilized in whatever manner necessary and permissible for billing or administration purposes.  The process takes just seconds.


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Medisys was developed for use by major hospital networks as part of their effort to increase efficiency, reduce billing errors, and lower operating costs.

Medisys can be installed by anyone and be up and running in 5 minutes!  It comes with a USB Scanner that simply plugs into your computer and an easy to install CD with user manual. Stores past and updated versions of Images against patients records.


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Bring the power and innovation of Medisys to your office today!  You may not be able to do everything that a large hospital can do to save money, but you can start saving time and improving your billing accuracy today!

A single user desktop version of Medisys Front Office is just $695.00 including the USB-scanner

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