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WDMS (Work Deployment Management System) is an innovative software solution designed to equip your organization with the means to attain profitability and productivity goals and ensure efficient allocation of your company¡¯s resources.  WDMS is a single software solution that allows an enterprise to manage a variety of workflow arenas utilizing one single software platform that integrates with all other critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.  WDMS can sometimes allow an enterprise to replace multiple software packages that require constant upgrades, modifications and expensive integrations with one easy to use platform.  That's WDMS!


    WDMS Highlights:

    • Sophisticated work-assignment and work-deployment functions.
    • Comprehensive tracking capabilities for individuals and groups on project status.
    • Communication in all directions between and among management, employees, groups and individuals.
    • Standardized communications infrastructure, fostering personal accountability among users.
    • Sophisticated notification system that can notify appropriate personnel of critical events or changes that occur against a project, task, or initiative.
    • Tracks Corporate performance on a variety of levels by department, by project, by task, by employee, by initiative.
    • Tracks and converts billable hours, supporting multiple billing rates per employee.
    • Converts material costs associated with an event or project to a ready-to-bill state.
    • Prints invoices and reconciles payments made against each invoice in the optional Cash Receipts module.
    • Interacts with other ERP Software applications as needed.

Argo-Soft is a suite of logistics software solutions that offer the  transportation industry a revolutionary method of conducting business.  Argo-Soft significantly increase efficiency and helps accommodate growth by functioning as a fully scalable and expandable platform for managing and tracking every aspect of domestic and international logistics.

Argo-soft consists of a core logistics management software tool and a series of modules that together, address the domestic and international needs of logistics departments.

Argo-Soft is used by the largest exporters in the United States responsible for the shipping of hundreds of thousands of TEU's yearly.  Argo-Soft allows for the integration and association of Purchase Orders with Sales Orders and Bookings and Documentation for International Shippers

Argo-Soft also allows for point-to-point visibility, tracking, analyses and logistics decision making on domestic and international segments of transportation.

Argo-Soft will integrate with your current accounting software, or with almost any other enterprise platform you require. 

    • Customized  Modules: Argo-Soft¡¯s separate modules can be customized to create a complete solution  tailored to the needs of your company.
    • Performance: Quick  access to current records compiled with the most efficient database search  engine makes Argo-soft the only choice for any logistics department looking to achieve  optimal sales, performance, efficiency, productivity. and profitability!
    • Scalability:  Argo-soft has the capability to support thousands of users.  As your company grows and the number of users increases, Argo-soft can be enhanced to meet the capacity by simply ordering the  proper licensing.
    • Flexibility:  Geographical limitations become almost non-existent with the multiple methods of accessing data made possible by  Argo-soft.  Whether Web Based or in Client Server format Argo-Soft can be configured to conform to the requirements of your  operations.
    • Diverse Billing Options:  The Argo-soft billing module can be modified to correspond with  your precise billing methods.  As an option, Argo-soft may be equipped with EDI  invoicing, allowing convenient direct billing. 
    • Specific Reporting Tools: Another unique feature of this software is its ability to  create truly customized reports.  Argo-soft reporting tools can be modified to provide you with the specific information you require to make the smartest business decisions possible.
    • Ease of Use:  Argo-soft uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and therefore offers an extremely user-friendly environment.  Each field is carefully designed for flexibility and ease of use.  This helps eliminate the cost of long training sessions.
    • Modularized: Argo-soft has been designed in a  modularized structure.  As your company grows or needs change, you will have the ability to add supplementary functions to meet your enterprise requirements.

Contract Manager is a revolutionary software solution developed specifically for the shipping industry.  It was designed to simplify the process of maintaining an unlimited number of contracts.  Contract Manager enables you to efficiently  manage all contract related customer and quote information.  Every aspect of each contract is stored and is easily retrieved through a combination of specified search criteria.  Contract Manager is available in a stand-alone version, or as a fully integrated module of the Argo-soft suite of transportation software solutions. 

    Key Features:

    • Contract Management
    • Scheduling
    • Quotes

    Are you currently recording patient Identification Cards and Insurance Cards the old fashioned way?  Your front office personnel get up from their desk, walk to a copy machine, place the cards on the copier, photocopy them, then reverse and reload the paper into the copier and photocopy the reverse side of the cards onto the same piece of paper?  Then that paper document becomes the only record you have to back up billing?

    Have you ever calculated the time it takes for you staff to engage in this activity repeatedly?  When the goal is to lower office costs and increase efficiency, the experts agree that the number one way is to reduce unnecessary and repetitive human procedures and increase efficiency

    Once Medisys is installed, just open it, place an ID Card and an Insurance Card on the scanner, in the bottom left and bottom right corners respectively and click scan.  Then turn the cards over and click scan again.  That¡¯s it.  Medisys stores both sides of both cards as one full color, graphical page in its database with the relevant patient information you enter.  It can then be printed, recalled or utilized in whatever manner necessary and permissible for billing or administration purposes.  The process takes just seconds.

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